Dacia is a partner of the UTMB World Series and participates in many international competitions worldwide. The cross-country event Kullamannen in Sweden is part of the UTMB series and will take place on November 4-5, 2022.

The UTMB World Series is the ultimate off-road racing series, allowing all runners to enjoy the UTMB journey through top international races in the world's most beautiful locations. The collaboration with the UTMB World Series is a new approach for Dacia to offer everyone the pleasure of interacting with nature via cross-country running.

The cross-country event Kullamannen, which takes place in Sweden on November 4-5, is part of the UTMB World Series and will be the only race for cross-country runners in Northern Europe.

The Kullamannen Trail includes multiple terrain races ranging in length from 12.8 kilometers to over 161 kilometers on the lovely Kullaberg near Mölle by the Sea. The race is more than just an off-road event. The race is challenging, with winding narrow mountain paths, breathtaking views of sea and land, cliffs, and magnificent beech trees.

This weekend, Dacia is on-site in Kullaberg with the new Dacia Duster, the Dacia family's classic family SUV, and the brand-new Dacia Jogger, an inexpensive seven-seater car. The vehicles can be tested on-site.


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