Dacia presented in Munich the Jogger automobile, the longest in the range, a car that in 2023 will also have a hybrid engine. The new Dacia Jogger has a starting price below 15,000 euros. The Dacia Jogger is available at launch with the new TCe 110 petrol engine and the ECO-G 100 engine.

The opening of orders is scheduled for November 2021 in thirty countries, mainly in Europe, Turkey, and Israel. The Dacia Jogger will arrive in showrooms starting in February 2022.

The versatile vehicle, Dacia Jogger, takes over attributes belonging to three different categories of cars: the length of a station wagon, a minivan's interior space, and the lines of an SUV. The Dacia Jogger is therefore unclassifiable. Moreover, as a family car, it offers the best price / interior space ratio in the category, while the numerous possibilities of use underline its versatile character.

The Dacia Jogger has a vertical front, with a wide grille specific to the Dacia brand, profiled front and rear wings, and a hood with prominent bosses. The large wheelbase and short consoles give the impression that the wheels are located close to the ends of the vehicle. In addition, the aileron situated at the top of the tailgate provides the car with a dynamic look. The tailgate is framed by the optical blocks arranged vertically and whose curved base follows the profile of the rear wings. The flag bars, the well-highlighted wheel arches, and the high ground clearance (200 mm hollow) allow the model to be at ease on all types of roads.

Equipped with large diameter wheels (660 mm), Dacia Jogger gives an impression of robustness. The generous wheelbase of 2.90 m and the vertical rear (vertical optical blocks, very wide tailgate, lowered loading threshold) ensure a generous interior space, including in the trunk. Access to the seats in the last row is facilitated by the large size of the rear doors and the 40 mm increase in the vehicle's width at the level of the second row of side windows. With a length of 4.55 m, the longest recorded by a car of the Dacia range, Jogger offers the necessary space to families who need a multipurpose vehicle.

To accentuate the impression of interior space, the dashboard benefits, on its entire width is from a horizontal band made of textile material. This decor element is available starting with the second level of equipment of the model. Above the headband is the dashboard and the multimedia screen, and below it, the control buttons (air conditioning, driving assistance) are ergonomically placed. The armrests of the front doors also cover the same textile material.

Depending on the version, the front seats' backrests have folding tables equipped with cup holders, similar to those available on the backrest of aircraft seats. The length of the tables can be adjusted by 70 mm, thus adapting to the needs of each occupant. The side seats on the second row have Isofix fastening systems.

The occupants of the third row benefit from individual seats with a central armrest. In addition, a large side window can ensure visibility to the outside, thus ensuring natural ventilation of the interior.

Each row of seats has dedicated ceiling lights, their number thus reaching three in the 7-seater version. In addition, the different heights of the seat (+ 55 mm difference between rows 1 and 2; + 25 mm difference between rows 2 and 3) ensure extra comfort for the rear seat occupants.

The new Dacia Jogger has numerous storage spaces whose practical volume amounts to 24 liters. These include a torpedo with a volume of 7 liters, the areas provided at the bottom of the front and rear doors, in which one-liter bottles can be stored, a closed compartment with a volume of 1.3 liters, and six cup holders.

The Dacia Jogger is a very comfortable vehicle. The seats have been profiled to provide good lateral support for both the driver and passengers. The driver's seat is adjustable in height (+/- 35 mm). In turn, the steering wheel can be adjusted in height (+/- 2.1 °) and depth (+/- 25 mm). Depending on the version, the vehicle has a central armrest with a closed compartment.

The engine range consists of the new TCe 110 petrol engine and the ECO-G 100 mixed petrol / LPG engine. Both motors are equipped with the Start & Stop system and comply with the Euro 6D Full standard.

The Dacia Jogger comes equipped with the TCe 110 petrol engine coupled with a six-speed manual gearbox. The TCe 110 is a 3-cylinder turbo engine with direct injection that develops 110 hp (81 kW). In addition, the aluminum block helps to reduce weight. With a torque of 200 Nm at 2,900 rpm, it is currently the most powerful engine in the Dacia Jogger range.

Dacia is the only manufacturer that, under the name ECO-G, offers the engine with mixed gasoline-LPG supply on all its thermal models. The combined consumption of the ECO-G 100 engine according to the WLTP cycle is 7.6 L / 100km (equivalent to 121 g CO2 / km). These are estimated values. When running on LPG, the Dacia Jogger emits, on average, 10% less CO2 than an equivalent petrol engine. In addition, thanks to the two tanks (40 L for LPG and 50 L for petrol), the vehicle has a range of over 1,000 km. Depending on the country, the mixed petrol-LPG engine benefits from tax incentives, including a low price for LPG, the absence of an ecological malus, or traffic restrictions in certain areas.

In 2023, the range of engines will be completed by a hybrid version. Jogger will be the first Dacia model to benefit from this technology and thus become the most affordable 7-seater hybrid family vehicle on the market. The hybrid technology of the Dacia Jogger will be based on a 1.6 L petrol engine, accompanied by two electric motors (an "e-engine" and a high-voltage starter), coupled with a multi-mode gearbox with crabs, without a clutch. Regenerative braking, combined with the self-charging capacity of 1.2 kWh (230V) batteries and the automatic transmission efficiency, ensures that driving in the city takes place almost 80% of the time in electric mode. Fuel consumption is thus reduced by up to 40% (compared to an equivalent heat engine in the urban cycle, without changing driving habits). Other benefits: - 100% electric traction at start-up. - Comfortable driving thanks to an automatic transmission. - Great simplicity in use, thanks to the automatic adaptation of the driving mode to optimize driving comfort and consumption

The Dacia Jogger series equipment has several connectivity possibilities: a smartphone holder, a 3.5" TFT screen, and, depending on the version, up to three 12 V sockets for charging various electronic devices. In addition, the model has a speed limiter with steering wheel controls and an automatic headlight ignition system in standard equipment.

Depending on the market, the Dacia Jogger can be equipped, optionally, with heated front seats, an automated air conditioning system with a small digital display, a hands-free access card with remote unlocking of the trunk, and headlights. These are added to rain sensors with the automatic actuation of the windscreen wipers, the reversing camera, the electronic parking brake, the blind spot sensor, and the front and rear parking assist sensors. @via Dacia Jogger.


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