The Fiat 500e costs 53 euros for business customers with a 24-month lease and 10,000 kilometers of yearly mileage. Individuals can also take advantage of the bargain under the same terms. These, on the other hand, pay 63 euros each month. Thus, the Fiat 500e electric car is available for as little as 79 euros for merchants and 94 euros for private consumers if you prefer the traditional finance leasing strategy. Like nearly every other leasing offer for an e-car or hybrid, this leasing agreement needs a down payment that matches the government subsidy. In this situation, it's the standard 6,000 euros.

What makes the Fiat 500e electric car unique?

Fiat has succeeded in bringing the notion of a stylish city car into the era of electric vehicles. The 500e electric car is a fantastic compact vehicle if you're searching for a daily automobile for the city and its surroundings while still insisting on flair. The Fiat 500e offers a range of 320 kilometers. Of course, this is all a bit illusory, as it usually is. However, the Fiat 500e can go 200 to 250 kilometers on a single charge in regular use, depending on the driving profile. A gentle foot on the accelerator will suffice to meet the required criteria if you drive in the city.

If you take the Fiat500e to a fast-charging station, you can recharge an empty battery to 80 % in less than half an hour. This not only makes the 500e quicker than its Honda and Mini counterparts, but it also qualifies it for the odd long drive. However, it takes four hours to get from zero to one hundred percent with the wall-box up to a maximum of 11 kW. Unfortunately, the Fiat 500e is not compatible with 22 kW charging.

As part of the specified offer, you will receive appropriate equipment, such as a 7-inch infotainment system with a multi-function display, smartphone connectivity, and traffic sign recognition.

In this amazing deal for the Fiat 500e, you receive an incredibly inexpensive electric vehicle with an excellent financing model. Of course, you should ask the dealer for further details about this deal, both as a business customer and as a private client, because crucial critical information is lacking. But one factor is certain: the current cheap price is unmatched and unique.

This deal for the Fiat 500e is available in Germany through


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