The new BMW i7's recognizable acoustic signatures are shown to us by BMW here. Furthermore, through the use of the "My Mode" feature, one may tailor their own listening experience. The new BMW i7 electric car is announcing a unique experience complemented by a sound universe called BMW IconicSounds Electric. This sound universe was produced along with composer Hans Zimmer.

Noises may range from a welcome letter, a signal that the vehicle is ready to drive, and driving sounds for each My Mode selection, all the way up to acoustic soundtracks that can be coupled with the BMW Theater Screen, which was made accessible for the first time with the new model.

The new BMW i7 electric car is the first vehicle in which the complete sonic range of the BMW IconicSounds Electric can be heard. This is made possible by including a specific sound package for Theater Mode, which can be selected as an option.

Through the utilization of the My Modes feature, the BMW i7 electric sedan allows for the customization of the listening experience. In addition to the Personal, Sport, and Efficient modes that are included, as usual, there are additional Expressive and Relax options accessible. Each of these settings on the BMW i7 corresponds to its unique sound world. The strength and frequency of the driving sound are determined by the acceleration position and the ambitious scenario, which creates a uniquely tailored sound profile for each My Mode.

The engagement is brought to an exceptionally high level if the "Expressive" or "Relax" option is chosen. They provide a piece of music, ambient lighting, and graphics experience on the curved central screen of the BMW that is individualized, taking into account the driver's state of mind as well as how they drive.

"When they get behind the wheel of a BMW i7, we want them to have a one-of-a-kind experience both behind the wheel and behind the wheel. Within the realm of user experience, we are introducing novel approaches to accomplishing this goal, one of which is the utilization of driving sound "Domagoj Dukec, Director of BMW Design, provided the following explanation.

My Modes allows the driver to customize their whole driving experience, encompassing a diverse selection of the vehicle's settings. This pertains to the BMW i7 electric sedan and includes the sound of driving. The sonic landscape of the "Sport" option features a powerful and pronounced acoustic presence, in contrast to the sounds that are used in the "Personal" mode, which highlights the innovative nature of the device.

In the "Expressive" mode, the acoustic experience is characterized by a highly vibrant and energetic sound, while in the "Relax" mode, a sound backdrop that is incredibly calming is generated. The sound sequences that are unique to starting and halting the propulsion system are included in the BMW IconicSounds Electric package. Additionally, the noises that follow the activation of the optional Theater Screen for the rear passengers are included in this package.

Only when operating in the Efficient mode is the acoustic feedback that results from acceleration motions muted. The resultant silence is as transparent and lucid as the strong auditory experience provided by the other modes, and this is all down to the remarkable acoustic capabilities of the new BMW i7 electric car.


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