The all-terrain vehicle, built in South Africa, was designed and developed in Germany and Australia. Intelligent concept, charismatic design. More than 20 new assistant systems, mobile online services, at once efficient and torquey engines, two types of four-wheel-drive technologies, bespoke accessories, and the clear Volkswagen design DNA make the new Amarok one of the world's most versatile and balanced pickups. The slogan "No matter what" is presented to Amarok. Or, to put it another way, "whatever" in Danish. By year's end, the first markets will see the new premium pickup on sale.

Customers in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, North Asia, South and Central America, and the Caribbean purchased over 830,000 original Volkswagen Amaroks. The new generation has arrived. Furthermore, it is entirely original from start to finish. But thanks to Volkswagen's design, you can immediately see it's an Amarok. It has more size and power, more charisma and prowess, and better physical prowess. "With the new generation, we have radically changed the Amarok's archetypal design." It's much more evocative and gives off a stronger sense of authority. " According to Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles' head designer, Albert Kirzinger, A powerful assertion: the vertical, tightly sculpted bonnet is a hallmark of Volkswagens and a vital part of the brand's expressiveness. 

The distinctive integrated LED headlights are a feature of every trim level, and so are the horizontal and transverse elements of the radiator grille. IQ LIGHT is standard on the Amarok PanAmericana, Aventura, and Style. Light-emitting diode (LED) matrix headlights provide a strikingly similar illumination level to daylight driving. Depending on the model, the radiator grille divides the front end horizontally or diagonally on the PanAmericana and the Aventura to create an X. The license plate holder on the Amarok has the brand's name and embossed emblem. IQ LIGHT LED matrix headlights are standard on the Amarok PanAmericana, Amarok Aventura, and Amarok Style, creating a particular light pattern reminiscent of natural daylight. The radiator grille divides the front end horizontally (on the PanAmericana and the Aventura) or diagonally (in other versions) under the transverse elements. The license plate holder on an Amarok is branded with the company's name. The Amarok PanAmericana, Amarok Aventura, and Amarok Style all feature IQ.LIGHT LED matrix headlights use an interactive lighting system to simulate daylight and create a distinctive light pattern on the road. Depending on the model, the radiator grille divides the front end horizontally or diagonally on the PanAmericana and Aventura to form an X under the transverse elements. The license plate holder on a Volkswagen Amarok is stamped with the brand's name.

The new Volkswagen Amarok is offered in two different configurations: a four-door double cabin (DoubleCab) and a two-door single cabin (SingleCab). The semicircular wheel arches carried over from the prior generation are a distinguishing feature of the profile of both iterations. As is typical of Amaroks, the top wheel arches don't curve like those on most pickups but instead form a straight line. The 21-inch bumpers on the fenders say, "Large alloy wheels give off an air of strength, and tough plastic covers the wheel wells." Because of how his body is constructed, Amarok can flex his muscles in exciting ways. Even when viewed in reverse, the new pickup still stands out. The Amarok model name is embossed across nearly the entire width of the charging flap, just below the massive VW logo. The taillights, shaped like the capital letter "C," wrap around the back and go deep into the body. The LED technology is used on the PanAmericana and Aventura.

Its 3,270-millimeter wheelbase is 173 millimeters longer than that of its forerunner. The extra legroom is welcome in the double cabin's rearmost seating section. As a result, the increase in wheelbase has outpaced the growth in overall length. Additionally, the overhang on the body is reduced. As a result of taking a more direct route, the terrain's features and sharpness are enhanced. The off-road capabilities of the Amarok with four-wheel drive (standard in some markets) are complemented by the vehicle's significantly greater wading depth, making it an excellent choice for traversing long stretches of water. Compared to its predecessor (which was 500 mm in length), this one measures 800 mm.

The Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles' in-house design team crafted a luxurious, comfortable interior with simple buttons and transparent screens. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has combined digital features with buttons and rotary/push buttons that are easy to use in their new Amarok. For instance, a rotary knob is used to adjust the audio system's volume and the four-wheel drive's settings. An aluminum casing protects the sturdy and luxurious fittings depending on the trim level.

The Harman-Kardon sound system that is included as standard on the Amarok PanAmericana and Amarok Aventura, as well as accessories for other equipment lines, are just some of the additional equipment elements included in the exclusive details. Only the Amarok version is supported. The leather-like instrument panel seen on the Amarok PanAmericana and Amarok Aventura comes standard, as does the unique contrast stitching. The Amarok's driver and front passenger sit in ergonomically designed seats that are electrically adjustable in a wide range of positions in the more expensive trims. With the DoubleCab, you can easily fit three adults in the backseat. Exclusive leather upholstery comes standard in the Amarok PanAmericana and Amarok Aventura. In the Amarok Style, ArtVelours is used for the seats.

The DoubleCab and SingleCab both have plenty of storage space in the rear, which is referred to as the "Cargo Box." Similar to the original, a euro pallet can fit across the wheel wells at the bottom of the load. SingleCab models have enough width for two euro pallets side by side. The load is secured to the base with eyelets and can hold up to 500 kilograms. Consistent with the increased load capacity, the maximum payload has increased from around 1.2 to 1.16 tons. A roll cover that is electrically operated is another option for securing the cargo box. The roll cover, which can be used from the cargo box and the cabin, is opened and closed with the ignition key.

Those looking to hit the road will appreciate the additional roof load capacity of 350 kg, enough to fit a four-person tent. Accessories and the factory will offer features like large alloy wheels (up to 21 inches), all-terrain tires (up to 18 inches), and a wide variety of towbars. Accessories for the Cargo Box include a bicycle holder, a roof rack system with multiple functions, a manual roll cover, and various styling bars. Again, a hardtop for the barn will be available, transforming the pickup into an SUV with van-like cargo space. A front bar, bottom shield, towing eyes, and snorkel can improve the vehicle's off-road performance.

The new generation Volkswagen Amarok has a choice of five engines: four turbodiesels (TDI) and one turbo gasoline (TSI). The five different engines all have high torque and high efficiency. Base 2.0-liter TDI four-cylinder engines producing 150 horsepower are used in the African market (110 kW). More power is available in many regions from a 2.0-liter TDI four-cylinder engine producing 170 horsepower (125 kW). The next step for TDI is to supply four-cylinder engines with a 2.0-liter displacement and a biturbo charger to Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. Depending on the market, these engines can produce either 204 hp (150 kW) or 209 hp (154 kW). The new TDI flagship comes standard with a powerful 3.0L V6 motor. It generates 241 hp (177 kW) or 250 hp (186 kW) at the crankshaft, with the latter figure depending on the market (184 kW). For the traditional gasoline markets, a 2.3-liter turbo petrol engine with 302 hp (222 kW) has also been made.

Powered by a standard 2.00-liter inline-4 producing 209 horsepower (154 kW), the Amarok's new 10-speed automatic transmission is E-Shifter-controlled (by wire). This automatic gearbox is available as an option for the 204 hp (150 kW) version. The new 10-speed gearbox replaces its predecessor's 8-speed automatic transmission. Moreover, a 6-speed automatic transmission and 5-and 6-speed manual gearboxes are all offered, with the latter two options depending on the engine.

Amarok's standard four-wheel-drive system is a popular feature in many countries (4MOTION). There are two kinds of 4MOTION systems. One has a four-wheel drive that can be turned on in certain conditions, and the other has a four-wheel drive. Both are different depending on the region and the engine. Because of improvements in driveline technology, the new Amarok can pull up to 3.5 tons and can go anywhere.

No matter the conditions, from icy roads to rough terrain, the driver can choose from up to six distinct driving profiles (drive settings) to optimize performance. An entire army of assistant systems provides even more comfort. More than 20 of these systems—such as the adaptive cruise control ACC + (transmitting road signs via camera scanning to the automatic speed control) and IQ LIGHT LED matrix headlights—are new in the Amarok and make this Volkswagen one of the most comfortable pickups in the world.


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