It can be challenging to navigate and choose from millions of used cars. Only some people are certain of what they desire. According to a recent national study on decision-making processes, 62% of customers take less than a month to purchase. Overall, 93% of searches are conducted online, with videos playing a prominent role and 86% being decisive. Nevertheless, the dealer's showroom remains the primary location for closing the sale.

Spoticar, Stellantis' global brand for used autos, plays a crucial part in this scenario. "The secondhand market and related services have been certified as strategic for Stellantis. If until yesterday a used car was a creation to be "placed," today it has also become functional for the sales of new ones, for Stellantis and for the car dealer network" underlines Giuseppe Di Mauro, Director of Pre Owned Stellantis in Italy. "We concluded 2022 very successfully," he continues, with a 28% increase over the previous year despite a 10% reduction in the entire market of nearly 2 million and 725 thousand automobiles compared to 2021. Spoticar's sales are expected to increase by roughly 50% by 2023".

Spoticar has 2,200 shops in 11 European countries and expects to sell over 600,000 vehicles by 2022. Spoticar in Italy offers around 11,800 vehicles in its online showcase, including cars and commercial vehicles (which increased in 2022 compared to 2021) and at 236 dealerships across the nation (which is expected to grow further in 2023). It holds the distinction of being the brand with the most internet ads in Europe.

Spoticar dealers validate each vehicle's mileage after subjecting it to up to 100 inspections, including safety, mechanical components, bodywork, and emission norms. It is also feasible to do test drives prior to delivery. With the satisfied or refunded formula, the company also offers the option of reimbursing or replacing the used automobile purchased within ten working days of delivery, subject to acceptance of vehicle condition tests. Because the verification procedure is so comprehensive, the warranty granted can last up to 48 months.

"Like Spoticar, we have a specific task," says Roberto Pastore, Marketing Manager. Assisting the Customer in selecting the best vehicle for each unique private and professional need, whether it is a car or a commercial truck. The brand's strength is providing a selection, control, and warranty service for each car and offering financing with customizable purchase plans".

To summarize, Spoticar has already created the car of the future. A notion that describes the brand's new stance and the new communication campaign set to launch on major media outlets in early March. A message will be reinforced by the launch of "Il Barometer," a market analysis tool with information and curiosities distributed through Spoticar's digital and social channels.


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