Becoming a credible manager requires effort, patience, and, weird as it may sound, errors. When attempting to accomplish everything correctly, you frequently wind up doing many things incorrectly, mainly if your career as a manager is still in its infancy. The tricky issue is that you may not even know what you are doing incorrectly.

To prepare the way for you to develop into a credible manager or guarantee that you do not lose your essential credibility, I would like to share three recommendations with you today that you should consider to maintain your credibility. Therefore, avoid the following three things - this will ensure that it works with credibility.

#1 Improper decision-making engagement

Generally, it is strongly recommended to include the team in decision-making. However, certain managers frequently make errors during this procedure. There are two ways in which engagement in decision-making might go awry. Number one: The management has already taken a choice and consults the squad just after that to ensure their participation. Number two, the leader solicits the team's input from the start but does not intend to consider it or listen with one ear.

As a credible manager, you should avoid both eventualities at all costs.

#2 Brackets following the job title

This is a critical point to avoid, particularly for insecure or rookie leaders. When you are leading a team for the first time or are new to a firm, you may be apprehensive or unclear about integrating into specific situations or processes. You may be unsure about your abilities at the moment. Out of insecurity, it is natural to cling to your professional title and appear arrogant. At first, it is natural to attempt to safeguard your self-worth. Take care, though, to maintain your feet on the ground.

#3 Desire to accomplish things on your own

Who is unaware of it? Self-motivation is a narrow line to tread between self-motivation and improper overzealousness that turns off your team. Abdicate responsibility and instill the essential trust in your team. Anyone who is constantly attempting to do everything himself, hoping that it will turn out exactly how they want it to, is anything but a team player - and certainly not a genuine boss.

Have you seen circumstances or acts in which your manager's credibility was destroyed?


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