The automobile industry is increasing its capacity for electric vehicles, but buyers must wait a long time for some models, often up to a year. For example, Polestar, a Volvo sub-brand specializing in premium cars, is currently advertising a very low delivery time. Polestar 1 is a two-plus-two-seater hybrid coupe, and Polestar 2 is a fully electric car.

Polestar's whole business model is built on online processing. Despite current limitations, the business stated that the possibilities to experience the cars on offer are increasing. Contactless test drives with a video introduction and virtual counsel allow interested parties to stay in touch with the brand. Additionally, because Polestar focuses on internet sales, you may configure the car of your choosing online during the lockdown and buy it through the manufacturer's website.

Polestar can rely on pre-configured new vehicles and present them to clients in real-time through its direct business, drastically shortening delivery times. Quickly accessible automobiles with the desired equipment characteristics may be picked immediately utilizing a new online pre-configurator. According to the Polestar, the delivery may begin as soon as four weeks after the purchase is received, depending on configuration and availability.

Contactless test drives may also be scheduled online at seven different sites across Germany. Before the travel, interested people are shown a video of the vehicle to avoid physical touch. During regular hours, the "Polestar Specialists," who operate as commission-free advisors in the so-called Polestar Spaces, present consumers with virtual information live from the showrooms and answer questions about the range and e-mobility.

"We are increasingly dependent on digital possibilities and technology due to present constraints," says Alexander Lutz, Polestar's CEO in Germany. "With this service, we can ensure one-on-one guidance even during the epidemic, which interested people have extremely well welcomed. Furthermore, the method fits nicely with our brand's mission to forge new digital roads, and with our new automobiles now on the market, we also provide rapid access to our cars."


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