Today's new standard is to share your pitch with those who work remotely. Now that you've overcome your technological obstacles, it's time to concentrate on reducing distractions and eliminating virtual chat weariness. So how can you make your virtual sales presentation memorable by connecting with your audience? Here are six suggestions to consider:

1. Develop a personal relationship with your audience.

Begin with a positive statement that includes a personal touch. This relationship establishes a relaxed tone that can help to relax the audience, build trust, and encourage open discussion following the meeting. Make the most of the time you're waiting for guests to come by, getting your energy flowing. Pose meeting-related questions that are also relevant to your audience. Maintain a bright and enthusiastic tone. Start with a business question, give trivia about the product or service, or inquire about everyone's first profession when everyone is on.

2. Exploit Emotional Indicators

Just because your audience can see your face and hear your voice doesn't imply they'll be as captivated as they would be in a face-to-face encounter. Yes, you can see some of the facial clues you're used to seeing in-person meetings on video, but not all of them. To make your message crystal clear, dial-up your audio cues to substitute visual signals. Vary your voice's pitch and cadence. If you find yourself nodding, make careful to express your agreement verbally, as your video may have frozen, or your presenter may be distracted. Go above and above to create an emotional bond that leads to responsiveness and involvement.

3. Defend Against Virtual Chat Burnout

Even the most fascinating meeting may become exhausting. Even to those listening, your clients are staring at you, and it might feel like a performance. Tell them to go with their instincts and do what they need to so they can focus on your material. For example, you might start with a brief meet-and-greet with everyone's camera on to establish a connection and then give them a choice to turn it off.

Include breaks if your presentation is longer than an hour. To refocus, encourage stretching, refreshments, or a brief burst of activity (a desk yoga motion). Also, don't leave your audience wondering. Before the meeting, make sure everyone knows what's on the agenda.

4. Make Use of Effective Engagement Methodologies

Now that your PowerPoint slides are their primary visual, they become much more significant. Another strategy is to utilize transitions, movies, and animations to break up the material and introduce a different expert. Adding music and pictures maintains a high level of interest and intensity.

Asking questions along the way might help keep your audience interested in what you're saying. Nothing is worse than asking someone a question and discovering that they've been multi-tasking and require the material to be repeated—or when many individuals attempt to talk at the same time. Avoid this by first addressing the individual before asking the inquiry (this offers a chance for the person to be fully engaged). Then, using the 5-minute rule, try to interest your audience.

Pooling or conversation functions are another technique to prevent individuals from chatting over one other. They provide a different way for your audience to communicate and contribute. If you can get another team member to monitor the chatbox, you'll get bonus points. (The functionality of your virtual meeting chat will be determined by your video conferencing platform.)

5. Create Excitement by Incentivizing the Experience

Include some fun by awarding contributors along the process if it's acceptable for your sales audience. Make a witty bingo card, have a crucial point quiz with a grand reward at the end, and so forth. Gamification makes your meeting more inclusive and draws attention, and makes your virtual presentation more memorable.

6. Keep in mind the Essential Touchpoints

After the meeting, send a handmade thank you letter to get back to basics and stand out from the crowd. If it contains a personalized gift that links back to your presentation and will assist develop that extra connection between the audience and your business, you'll get bonus points. Then, until supper is on the table again, consider a local shop's gift voucher or care box.

Allow your individuality to show. Include some unexpected and enjoyable features. For example, include a celebrity cameo message with a customized greeting or sprinkle some relevant memes throughout your presentation to keep things light. Why not utilize a few easy ways to show current and potential clients who to connect with instead of becoming yet another presenter at yet another virtual sales meeting?

New technologies are in full swing to bring people together online without sacrificing in-person events' thrill and engagement elements. They may be tailored to appeal to a variety of motivators other than recognition.


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