In their endeavour to generate sales, many companies focus their efforts on creating lead capture campaigns and forget about one aspect as important or more for their business: the image they project to their customers. They don't realize that for your target audience to decide to buy your products and services, they must trust your company. And, for that to happen, they must have brand authority.

What does this mean?

That they must become a benchmark in the sector. A company that knows the field to which it belongs and that, thanks to its image and reputation, transmits security and trust to its customers.

But, we are not going to lie to you. Having a high brand authority is not achieved overnight. It requires time and measures focused on increasing the visibility and reputation of your company. We'll let you know which ones they are.

1. Research the personalities of our buyers.

The best way to increase our brand authority and therefore our sales is to know our target audience. Only then will we know what topics interest you, what your purchase motivations are and how to earn your trust. Doing so will also help us to launch new products and services and evolve as a company.

2. Create quality content.

Brands, like people, improve their reputation through their image, but also their actions. Those companies that offer varied, quality content focused on their target customer are perceived as references and earn the respect and trust of their followers.

In addition, we can not forget that generating content is the key to increasing our visibility and positioning.

3. Take advantage of social networks.

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are not only excellent platforms to show our products and services, but also to meet our potential clients and interact with them. By doing so, we will give voice to our brand, solve the queries of our followers and improve the perception they have of our products and services.

4. Utilize email marketing.

Social networks are a good platform to interact with our clients, but they do not offer us the possibility of personalizing our messages. Email does. Through personalized campaigns, we can respond to the real needs of each client and offer them products and services adapted to their profile. An action that, in addition to increasing our sales possibilities, will improve our brand authority. We must not forget that one of the most damaging actions to a company's reputation is an intrusion. The mass sending of emails is perceived as a nuisance.

5. Turn our clients into brand ambassadors.

A happy customer is the best advertisement for our business. What if we shared your experience? Doing so will add value to our products and services and security for our potential clients.

Benefits of a strong brand authority

Once these measures are applied, the brand's authority begins to improve and, with it, the results. Thanks to a good online and offline reputation, we have achieved:

1. Increase our positioning and visibility.

As we have mentioned, one of the most effective tools to improve our brand authority and our visibility is to generate quality content. By offering articles, papers or videos of interest to our clients, we will be able to position ourselves as a reference company in our sector and Google.

2. Improve our engagement.

Companies with high brand authority not only enjoy a good reputation, but also the trust of their target audience. Something essential if we want our business to last for a time and in the eyes of our clients.

3. Increase our sales.

One of the many benefits of having strong brand authority is that it converts leads into sales. And, if our visibility and confidence as a company increase, so does the interest of the target audience and their willingness to buy.

4. Win subscribers.

When a buyer purchases a brand, the authority of the brand does not end. It is built day by day. Thanks to this work, we got our clients to endorse us with their comments and become brand ambassadors.


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