Paris, the capital of France, will adopt a maximum speed of 30 km/h on most streets starting with August 30. It is one of the promises of the current mayor, Anne Hidalgo, who wants sustainable mobility.

The new rule will apply to all traffic participants. There will be exceptions only on a few main boulevards (Champs Elysees, boulevard de Grand-Armee, boulevard Foch) and on Peripherique, the ring road that surrounds Paris. Authorities say limiting the maximum speed in the city will reduce noise and pollution. The new measure has already sparked a wave of protests, especially from taxi drivers and service providers in Paris, who say they will not be able to reach their destination in time. Also, President of the Confederation of French Traders, Francis Palombi is worried about the repercussions of this policy on the economic activity of the city.

Paris City Hall encourages the use of bicycles and electric cars. "We need to protect the most vulnerable: pedestrians, cyclists, children and the elderly," said David Belliard, a transport adviser, who recalled that "the city at 30 km per hour" was one of Mayor Anne's election promises. Hidalgo, which, in June 2020, was reconfirmed at the helm of the capital.

Paris is not the largest urban agglomeration in France to pass at a maximum speed of 30 km / h. Cities like Grenoble, Lille or Nantes have already adopted this measure.


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