With the Tacx NEO Motion Plates, Garmin is introducing easy-to-install, movable rails that provide the Tacx NEO, NEO 2, and NEO 2T smart trainers with multidirectional mobility. In this way, the feeling of the 360-degree pedal cycle can be transferred from outdoor to indoor training.

The Garmin's Tacx NEO Motion Plates are developed for cyclists who want to make their indoor training even more effective and enjoyable. For this purpose, the Tacx NEO Motion Plates extend the compatible smart trainers of the Tacx NEO series, which already allow lateral movement by an additional direction of movement forwards and backward. This enables multidirectional mobility. This ensures a particularly natural and dynamic indoor driving experience. In addition, the increased mobility of the intelligent trainer reduces the mechanical forces acting on the bike and the person exercising. Furthermore, the compact footprint and near-silent operation of the NEO Smart Series are unaffected by the NEO Motion Plates.

Garmin devices have altered the lives of runners, cyclists, swimmers, and athletes of all levels and skills by being engineered from the inside out. Garmin is a firm believer that every day is an opportunity to innovate and a chance to outdo oneself. Tacx and Firstbeat Analytics are two other Garmin fitness-related brands that exist alongside these two.


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