The rustic style is strongly connected to tradition and country life. This connection involves using natural materials in construction and landscaping - wood with a rough appearance, stone, clay. You can also integrate it with textile materials made of linen, cotton or wool, or ceramic objects - plates, cups, flower vases or pots.

Each culture has developed a specific architectural system using these resources, so the current rustic style has its roots in the famous architecture particular to each country.

But to make a more concrete image, we have selected some images with interiors with rustic influences that will convince you to integrate them into your arrangement.

The bedroom is the perfect example of traditional elements combined with rustic elements. The motifs and colours on the carpet and the pillowcases are specifically Romanian, and the wooden ceiling, the bed on oak beams and the wool rug are specific for the rustic style.

Wood is a must, and it works best combined with walls or white textiles, with Scandinavian and rustic influences.

The wooden beams visible on the house ceiling are a common element in rustic arrangements, but they are more related to construction than to interior design.

You can also bring rustic interior elements in a contemporary arrangement through textiles with neutral, natural motifs and shades. In the kitchen, you can bet on a rustic door in farmhouse style. You can add wood on the walls open storage for plates and other kitchen utensils.

And for the base bodies, keep it simple: keep everything in neutral shades, natural wood and white. You can add pastel accents through the exposed ceramic objects.

If you want more comfort, choosing a wooden sofa to have a rustic style living room is unnecessary. And just because the neutral shades are specific to the style does not mean that you can not add colour accents.


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