Whether with a starry sky or in a funny animal shape: creatively designed bedside lamps are very popular with children - and are on many wish lists. But not everything that is pretty is childproof. Therefore, the R + V Infocenter advises parents to carefully examine the lights before buying them.

Small children love bedside lamps that they can switch on and off independently. However, some models can cause accidents or injuries due to incorrect lighting. "Halogen lamps, for example, are unsuitable because they get very hot. The little ones can burn themselves on them," says Torben Thorn, who is responsible for occupational safety, health protection, and environmental management at R + V. "Halogen lamps can also ignite fabrics and other easily flammable materials, for example, when the duvet is placed over them."

Energy-saving lamps are also problematic. They don't get hot, but they contain mercury - and are fragile. "If the pear breaks, children breathe in the toxic fumes. The splinters are also a danger," explains Torben Thorn. A safer alternative for the children's room are LED lights. They heat up significantly less than other light sources, do not contain any dangerous substances, and are robust. "Warm white LEDs are best for the eyes."

Delicate material, long cables, high voltage

Another weak point is the cables. Torben Thorn recommends using only lamps with a maximum voltage of 24 volts in children's rooms. "Long cables aren't ideal either. If they're porous or damaged, it can cause electric shock or fire." In addition, there is always a risk of strangulation with cables. Another tip from the R + V experts: a lamp for children should be able to tip over or fall without breaking.

Further tips from the R + V information center:

  • When buying light sources, always pay attention to the test and quality seals.
  • If the child needs lighting at night, it can be securely attached to a wall near the bed. This removes the attraction of playing with the lamp.
  • Important: A functioning smoke detector always belongs in a children's room.

@via R + V Infocenter https://www.ruv.de/.


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