Your hair comes into daily contact with aggressive factors, from pollution to temperature changes, wind and styling devices. Thus, it is not surprising that, after a while, the hair begins to face specific problems: hair loss, thin and fragile hair, hair lacking vitality, etc.

It is necessary to introduce a hair treatment in the hair care ritual. All hair treatments must be chosen according to the type of hair and specific problems. It must also contain mainly natural ingredients and have an excellent value for money.

Choose a hair treatment that contains natural ingredients!

Whether it is a hair loss treatment or a revitalization treatment, it must contain natural ingredients chosen with the utmost care to solve the specific problem, protect the hair and nourish it deeply.

A quality hair treatment offers customers a wide range of hair care products, from shampoos and conditioners to serums and high-quality hair treatments. Among the ingredients found in the products offered can be mentioned: quinine tree bark extract, pomegranate extract, quinoa extract, almond oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, rosemary, mint, etc.

Choose the hair treatment depending on your hair type!

Initially, when choosing a hair treatment, your hair type must be determined. For example, hair can be thick, thin, regular, degraded, greasy, etc. When in doubt about your hair type, you can consult a specialist.

Depending on the type of hair, the following products stand out:

  • Treatments for thin hair: usually contain argan oil, cedar oil, musk, vanilla;
  • Degraded hair treatments: contain keratin, an ingredient that contributes to the reconstruction of hair, but also special oils, such as coconut, jojoba, argan, etc .;
  • Oily hair treatments: contain argan oil in combination with vitamin E or other ingredients that reduce sebum production without drying the scalp and hair;
  • Regular hair treatments: are based on components with a moisturizing effect, such as almond and coconut oil.

The best hair treatment should be chosen based on its benefits.

Repair and hydration treatments - these products are most often found in the form of repair masks and are used by people with thin and damaged hair;
Hair loss treatments - it is important that these treatments help the roots to have a firmer grip;
Hair regeneration treatments - are in liquid form and are usually based on amino acids and keratin;
Hair shine treatments - have the role of intensifying the shine of the hair to make it softer and more velvety.

Each cosmetic product is made from natural ingredients, using the most modern technologies, so that the final composition keeps intact all the benefits of the ingredients.

In the category of hair care products, both lotions, conditioners and serums, and masks and treatments for each type of hair can be found. Some of the best hair treatments are from the Capilar + range, which are specially designed to stimulate hair growth and effectively combat hair loss.

Some hair care products strengthen the roots and help the hair regenerate, giving it vitality and shine.

Many factors influence hair integrity. In addition to the external ones that act on the hair, such as drastic temperature changes and pollution, other factors influence the hair's health. For example, an unhealthy diet, stress and chemicals full of chemicals can have a devastating effect on hair adornment.


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