Skoda Auto contributes to the energy transition by developing and making battery-electric cars like the Enyaq iV. The car company also supports the growth of renewable energy sources consistently. For example, the Czech company that makes cars is also a part of building a new wind farm in Finland. With an estimated energy output of 570 GWh per year, the plant will soon be able to power about 150,000 homes with "green" energy or run Skoda electric cars with no local emissions.

Depending on how the market changes, 50 to 70% of all Skoda cars sold in Europe by 2030 should be electric. As part of its NEXT LEVEL – SKODA STRATEGY 2030, the Czech car company plans to release at least three more new, fully electric models by the end of the decade. These models will be smaller and less expensive than the Skoda Enyaq iV electric SUV. In addition, Skoda Auto works hard to expand renewable energy sources so that these cars can be powered by "green" electricity.

Skoda Auto is currently helping fund a large wind farm in Finland that a Norwegian energy company owns. Vestas made 38 wind turbines in three different places, and each one has a nominal output of 4.2 MW. With 24 wind turbines, the power output at Valikangas is 100.8 MW. In Pithipudas and Sievi, where there are each seven wind turbines, the power output is 29.4 MW. Overall, the wind farm has a nominal output of 159.6 MW, which means it can make an estimated 570 GWh of energy per year. With this much electricity, about 150,000 homes could be powered.

Skoda Auto wants to ensure that its products and mobility solutions have the least possible effect on the environment. This is called the "ecological footprint" of its business activities. The car manufacturer's "Green Future" strategy covers all of their steps in this area, from getting the raw materials to the end of a vehicle's life cycle. With the NEXT LEVEL – SKODA STRATEGY 2030, the company has also made its environmental goals clearer: From 2030 on, the Czech and Indian plants that make cars will have no net emissions. The Czech plant in Vrchlab is a leader in this area. Since the end of 2020, it was the first place where Skoda Auto made cars that didn't put out any CO2. Also, compared to 2020, fleet emissions should be cut by more than half by the end of the decade. In addition, the company keeps lowering the amount of energy and water it uses and the amount of trash it makes per vehicle. Since the beginning of 2020, Skoda has been recycling all the materials and heat from the waste made during production. @via Skoda Auto.


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