Electric bikes have never been more popular. They have recently become trendy, allowing designers the freedom to envision their vision of folding electric bicycles that we will ride in the future. For example, consider the ONEBOT-S7, an electric bike that exudes excitement, charm, and substance.

Something is fulfilling about riding past the backed-up automobiles in your two-wheeled electric vehicles and then folding it up and carrying it to your job to park beneath your desk. In addition, the folding e-bikes are tiny and light, giving you the convenience and enjoyment of commuting without losing the fun and comfort of commuting. Kinson Chan's ONEBOT-S7 is a series entry in this area, with its frame built utilizing the die casting method. This enables the entire bicycle to be made out of a single piece of magnesium and aluminum alloy. The designer believes the unibody structure makes the e-bike light and durable while increasing output by approximately 500%.

Electric bicycles are already a household brand, and they are a traditional method of transportation for bikers in many places — with safety standards in place. Add the ease of folding the bike, and it becomes a versatile choice for getting from point A to point B efficiently. To achieve this mobility and convenience, the ONEBOT-S7 electric bike utilizes a three-fold structure that makes the e-bike ultra-compact when folded, allowing it to fit in the trunk of a car or slip under your workstation. In addition, this e-bike folds into the smallest single unit possible, measuring just 60cm in height and length and 35cm in width.

The replaceable battery pack in the frame of the ONEBOT-S7 is securely placed beneath the seat post. It rests unhindered and merges in with the homogeneous frame design and hue, removing any attention from the e-chrome-like bike's finish. The battery lacks specifications, but the ONEBOT-S7 can be put to old-fashioned pedaling if the battery dies on you or your sports passion beckons.

And as you're pedaling or cruising by traffic on an electric drivetrain, all essential information like battery level, speed, or pedal assist resistance will be flashing on the digital display on the handlebar. According to my observations, the ONEBOT-S7 incorporates most of the market's electric bike capabilities. Moreover, it beautifully puts them into a unique frame and tri-folding form factor that we may adopt as soon as it becomes available!


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